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We are proud to share the following feedback with you...

Dear Bournes Green Junior School

Thanks so much for welcoming the Healthy Schools moderation team to your school.

Your school has a wonderfully caring, friendly feel. Everything is so well organised, and everyone’s health and wellbeing including staff seems well taken care of.

We were incredibly impressed by the P.E curriculum and the wonderful range of inclusive sports and activities, all of your children are offered. We loved the way that all children are included in the activities, including competitions where possible. The plans to develop the swimming pool will improve things even further. The extensive grounds of the school are utilised so well, with every area offering a different opportunity. Children were engaged in an extremely active playtime.

The PSHE curriculum is well thought out and follows the lead of the PSHE Association with some elements personal to the school. The ‘Empathy’ addition to each year group’s PSHE through story books was a wonderful part. Children are encouraged to evaluate their lessons and there is a comprehensive assessment system for all subjects including P.E and PSHE.

Children have a wonderfully rich education with many opportunities. All year 5 children learn a brass instrument. There are a number of themed weeks including ‘Unique Week’.

There is also a special day each term for instance the Family Picnic, MAGS and  FUDGE days. Where family members enjoy time at  the school with the children. Every Tuesday parents are invited into the school for a ‘Book Look’ which maintains a close relationship between staff and parents.

Children eat healthy packed lunches provided by their parents as well as healthy snacks. There is a positive atmosphere in the music filled dining hall. The importance of hydration and sleep is reiterated to children who have a good understanding of this.

There is a strong caring ethos pervading. I have no doubt that Bournes Green Junior is a very Healthy School and will willingly revalidate the school’s status for a further two years.

Many Thanks

Public Health Team, Southend Borough Council