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Once again, the children have had an amazing two weeks since the last blog...

Once again, the children have had an amazing two weeks since the last blog. On Monday, we were very fortunate to have a Lisa-Jane, a dental hygienist, visit the class and share her professional expertise with us. She was very impressed with the knowledge the class had already absorbed during their lessons, which is a credit to the children. She demonstrated with the help of the children, how to brush their teeth correctly, with both a manual and an electric toothbrush. Some children volunteered to use a disclosure tablet to show the class where the plaque was on their teeth, even after brushing the way they thought was completed properly!


Another exciting part of the curriculum was our science topic, which was undertaking two experiments involving eggs. The first was to investigate the effects of different liquids on our teeth, and the second was to see how effective fluoride toothpaste is. The results were not necessarily what the children had predicted.


We hope you have an enjoyable break next week and look forward to seeing the children back on Tuesday 25th February.


During Computer/Science week the children looked at an app on their iPads called Quiver. Quiver and is a fantastic, easy-to-use, augmented reality app. Like many augmented reality (AR) apps, it needs trigger images (basically pictures), which once scanned, activates the  augmented reality (AR) experience. The content of the pictures then pop off the page and let children interact with a three-dimensional figure and view them in  midair!

Mr Hinds and Mrs Hodgson.